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Classes returning this September:


Want to drop body fat at the same time as building your strength? This is the course for you!

If you have, or haven’t, ever experienced the immense benefits of lifting weights, and the amazing feelings of getting stronger; how becoming physically stronger makes you feel more empowered, helping to ensure that your mental health is looked after, and as a result helping to rebalance your hormones and keeping your emotional health intact – then come try our 8week course!

We guarantee, that with our assistance, and your dedication to this course, you will become stronger than you allow yourself to believe, and at the same time as dropping body fat.

Our 8week course of 3sessions per week + nutrition guidance and progress checks + gym membership is only £315 (deposit of £115 to secure your place).

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Join us every Saturday morning at 9.30am for our Bootay building and core burn sessions.
You’ll have too much fun with the other bootay ladies to complain about the bootay pump – you’ll only relish in how great you and your glutes will be feeling every time you leave the gym after one of our sessions.

All bootay members are welcome to join any of our other classes, to nicely compliment this course.

Course is only £40 per month – and this currently includes gym membership too.

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We are so proud to offer our fitness & well-being course alongside Clearer Minds Counselling & Psychotherapy.

It is our fully-funded course for ladies who without this funded place, would not be able to access such support.

The course was created for the main reason that, mental health and physical health are interlinked & it is imperative to look after both.

Years of evidence show that your physical and mental health can have a causal relationship, meaning if you look after one, the knock-on effect is that the other will also benefit.

We all know that exercise helps to boost dopamine and serotonin, also the chemical that anti-depressants boost and regulate to support your mental health. We want to help ladies understand this same benefit from exercise. Please note that we would never advise you to stop your medication because you are exercising!! We would always advise to speak with your GP to come off these gradually.

We want to continue to raise awareness & educate ladies in a way that supports & empowers them to feel they have control in a safe environment.

In order to help with this, our course will consist of:

  • one well-being group session; and
  • two exercise classes per week.

Topics we can focus on include:

  1. Stress
  2. Anxiety
  3. Low Mood/Depression
  4. Living with a mental health diagnosis
  5. Confidence & Self-Esteem
  6. Living with a physical condition
  7. Living & Supporting those with a mental health condition

Our well-respected qualified psycho-therapist and counsellor, Nicola, will bring her extensive professional knowledge & experience to help guide you to find your own strategies.

This is NOT group therapy but a facilitated group environment where we will share knowledge, and our experiences of mental health to support and provide each other with coping mechanisms to manage our mental health.

Our sessions can be tailored/altered depending on what the group feel they want & need from it

The group is for low level mental health needs, therefore it cannot support with:

  • Trauma
  • Long Term Therapy Needs such as severe depression, anxiety & grief
  • Diagnosing your mental health

This is to ensure that we are not putting you in an emotional state that could cause your mental health to deteriorate & make you emotionally unsafe! We can however ensure you are given the right guidance to access the correct level of support.

We understand that talking helps, however, this has to be at the right level to be appropriate & effective!

We have already helped many ladies of whom have attended this course, and if you feel this is something that you will benefit from, please get in touch.

Our Level 3 Personal Training Diploma

This is our fully accredited course which by the end of our 12weeks, you will be nationally recognised as a Level 3 Personal Trainer.

No previous qualifications needed, just your ambition to want to succeed!
We cover your level 2 Fitness Instructor course – we cover it all in a really flexible and adaptable way!

Get in touch for more information, and for our next course start date.